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Bali Furniture choices are wide and varied from old recycle teakwood reproduction antique, through most centuries to modern contemporary tropical furniture. Balinese furniture styles include teak indoor and outdoor, Garden / Patio furniture, Woven furniture, featuring Synthetic or organic materials, Rattan, Banana Leaf, Water Hyacinth and Sea Grass or a combination of wood and all of the above fibers. All our furniture products are of the highest quality and suitable for resort, hotel projects or refurbishments, private residences and retail. Should you require any furniture item not listed in our catalog please contact us so we can manufacture or source a particular product for you.
bali furniture indonesia
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Terms & Conditions:

We carry out our business with transparency and open; we do not increase the price for any items as we help you to seek for a very competitive price in the market. We only charge on fees and administration basis. We can become as an agent or representative production of your company or organization.

Orders & Fees
We do not determine our customers with minimum orders (small, medium or large quantity) and you are free to orders as many as you wish.
Our services fees are based on your orders value; - Purchasing bellows $ 500 USD, will be charged 18%.
- Purchasing $ 501 - $ 1,000 USD, will be charged 15%.
- Purchasing $ 1,001 - $ 3,000 USD, will be charged 13%.
- Purchasing $ 3,001 - $ 5,000 USD, will be charged 11%.
- Purchasing above $ 5,000 USD, will be charged 8%.
There is no administration fee for any orders regardless small, medium or large quantity of orders.

Payments & Currencies Matters
We have made standard for our business transaction in US Dollars (USD) or Indonesian Rupiah (IDR). And for those buyers from others countries, we can always inform the currency exchange rate especially for Europe countries (Euro €), Great Britain (GBP), Australia (AUD), Singapore (SGD), Hong Kong (HKD), Japan (JPY), Malaysia (MYR) and China (RMB).

Payment term:
Telegraph Transfer (T/T)
– 50% down payment due placing of your order.
– 50% balance payment upon completion of your order (before shipping).

Sample Request
Free samples are only for our regular customers. We do entertain new customers or buyers with a small quantity of order or even in requesting sample only. However, new buyers or customers are encouraged to pay for their sample request and the shipping cost.

Customs Duty Matter
We do NOT arrange for clearance of any customs or duty shipment once it arrives into your destination (country). Customers need to settle the customs or duty on their own; you might be need to liaise with your local’s agencies or customs brokers in your country upon reaching destination of your goods.

Terms of order
Basically we accept 2 forms of orders before we proceed. They are preliminary order list and an official confirmation order that have to be made by customers.

Preliminary order list
Meant for only new customers or customize design product (see customize design). This order will explain complete information of your product requested. We suggest customers to put more attention on their requirement details, as this is very important for us to gather information as much as possible from customers to avoid any missing production or any undesirable occurrence. (We do NOT responsible for any missed production caused by of lack of misled information given)

Customers are required to provide information such as:
- Complete personal or company details (name, address, contact numbers, emails, etc.)
- Products request and quantity.
- Product’s requirements details or customize product design information details.
- Product’s quotation request.
- Queries and other additional information. (if needed)

We will respond to you as soon as possible once we received your preliminary order list; which it’s usually takes 2 -3 days to verify your requested products and your requirements.

An official confirmed order
Once customers agreed the feedbacks and terms and conditions, Customers need to send us their official confirmed order with company’s letter head or any other official order form via fax or email together with the down payment included (See terms & conditions / payment & security). With the confirmation order, it’s our caveat that the customer is serious on the particular business transaction.

What you need to state in an official confirmed order?
- Complete and detail information of your name, company’s name, address, contact numbers, emails and others.
- Confirmed products order, quantity and prices.
- Products requirements detail (measurements, materials and others)
- Other costs (Shipping, Packaging, Fees and others).
- Detail information of ship’s destination.
- Signature of the person in-charge.

Should you have any doubt or any further discussion, do not feel hesitate to contact us.

Customize Product Design
We can accept for the orders (We do accept orders) with a different design from our existing catalogue. Customers may have planned to add or reduce something in the particular product; we are able to arrange for the changing of the design as follow as you’re requested. (We can arrange with the manufacturer for the customers who wish to customize or alter the product to suit their purpose)

We have many experiences with the customers who have demand of their own design. Some of the few actual cases that we faced are our customers want to change or renovate the looks of theirs houses, villas and apartments in terms of exterior and interior design. They proposed to change from an ordinary looks of their exterior into unique design with natural stones, carving relief and combine with woods. And also filled the furniture with their own customizes design. Our services are open wide for everyone regardless what size corporation, home furnishing or individuals who are willing to renovate or build a new one of their home.

Customize product design is NOT only for home furnishing products, but also valid for other products. For finalize customizing product design, there are few requirements that customer need to followed, such as:
- Customers have to provide very detail information of their requested product in terms of measurements, materials and others.
- Finished goods or samples are necessary to produce similar products (if any).
- Sample images or sketch design of product are needed as well.
- There is minimum order for the customize product design.
- The prices will be slightly expensive from the existing products.
- The time frame of making (production) will probably longer than producing the existing products.

Other Products Demand
Customers may have a different product request from our existing catalogue, such as fishery, agricultures, herbs, construction materials or others. However, We are able to help you to source that such of product requested, but (no guarantee) whether we are being able to search or get any satisfied result. Usually it will takes 6 working days to source new or different product from our existing catalogue, then we will forward back with any result to the customers. There are few requirements that customer need to followed, such as:
- Once we received preliminary order list, we will start sourcing for you within 6 working days.
- Once customers received an accurate data for the particular product, customers can proceed with our terms of order. (see also terms & condition)

Investor Relations
We always taking care of our customers, we strive to raise our professionalism services to our customers from time to time. Buyers or customers who are frequently orders above 10 containers or made transaction more than 100,000 USD every month, then they are consider as an investor. For those investors who have planned to invest on their orders in yearly basis which divided by monthly transaction and ships for certain quantity, we provide in-depth services and negotiable fee’s payment based on the contract agreement.

Our cooperation relationship with investors is always opened; we strive to put in more efforts in terms of facilitating services. Further discussion regarding in-depth services and negotiable fee’s payment upon contacting us in place, and due contract agreement is being discussed investors are advised to attend personally without replacing of his/her mediator. For further information about investor relations, please feel free to contact us.

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